Business service bond

Business service bond are a type of insurance for businesses that operate on someone else’s property. Whether it is business or private property. With a business service bond, you protect your clients from possible theft or fraud that could be committed by your employees.

You provide clients with security against theft, this type of insurance gives you credibility. Certainly anyone who needs services will be more likely to hire a company that has a Business Service Bond.

When do I need a business service bond?

It is possible that your clients who hire you will ask for this type of insurance. If you do business with government companies, they may ask you for insurance like a Fidelity bond. Be sure to ask them what exact type of insurance they require in order to be able to sign the contract or perform the requested work. We solve all forms of shelves very quickly, so we are at your disposal.

Bond for business services cost

The price of a business service bond depends on the premium you feel you need. The type of work you do and how many employees you need to provide. Premiums range from $2,500 to $250,000. The lowest premium will cost you about $100 per year.

It's good to know about business service bond!

When can your client claim funds from you for the committed theft?
You can only be charged when your employee is convicted in court for the beginning of the end. This is important because you don’t want the client to falsely announce the end of your employees without valid proof of the initial work.

Business service bond

I need business service bond

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