Fidelity Bond

A Fidelity bond is an insurance policy that covers you against theft by your employees. That refers to stealing from you or your clients. This insurance policy is also called employee dishonesty insurance. 


Do you need a fidelity bond?

If there is a possibility that one of your employees commits fraud or theft either to you or to your customers. Then it would be a good idea to consider this insurance policy. As they say, opportunity makes a thief. Mostly jobs where there is a possibility that your employee will steal something.

The most common reason you need a fidelity bond is because someone is asking you for that type of security to make sure the job gets done. A common case is when smaller companies start doing business with large ones in order to be able to honor contracts.

For all forms of work with state institutions in order to comply with state contracts.

And one more important item. So that clients are convinced of your seriousness and are sure that you are a reliable contractor.

Fidelity bond cost?

If there is a need or requirement for a fidelity bond, then it is calculated that the coverage must be 10% of the total value of assets or stakes. The minimum coverage that can be purchased for a fidelity bond is $1000 up to $5M.

Fidelity Bond

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