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The oldest social media lawsuit that gained widespread attention is likely the case of Stratton Oakmont, Inc. v. Prodigy Services Co., which was decided by the Supreme Court of New York in 1995.

Stratton Oakmont was a brokerage firm that sued Prodigy, an early online service provider, for defamation based on comments posted by users on Prodigy’s bulletin boards. Prodigy argued that it was not responsible for the content posted by users, but the court held that Prodigy was liable because it exercised editorial control over the content on its platform.

This case is often cited as a landmark decision in internet law, as it established the principle that online service providers could be held responsible for user-generated content if they exercised editorial control over that content.

This principle was later codified in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides immunity to online service providers for user-generated content in most circumstances.

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