Peace of Mind for property manager, unit owner and guest

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Peace of Mind for property manager, unit owner and guests.

Property owners insuring property owners is the program created for Property Managers and unit owners. When renting a unit, you either have to take a secuirty deposit or have a renter’s credit card on file in case there’s accidental damage to the unit or its contents during their stay.

Can you take $5,000 security deposit? Hardly. Will the credit card limit be high enough? Or if you charge the card the client can call the credit card company and simply state they didn’t agree to that charge.

POIPO porgram affords $1500, $3000 or $5000 of damage and theft coverage. For the renter, it’s a true transfer of overall risk. If the renter accidentally damages the unit or its contents, they’re protected by the coverage. With traditional security deposits or credit cards, the money comes straight out of the renter’s pocket.

How does poipo insurance work?

Simple, all you have to do is fill out a form or let the renter fill out the form and pay for the coverage. POIPO is fully automated, online system available in all 50 states where all you have to do is register your property and assign renters.

Why would l use an insurance company for this?

Our program helps to avoid problems with State Insurance Departments and/or Real Estate Commissioners, and has been operating successfully for property managers like you since 1999.

In many states, security deposit laws regulate any money collected by the property manager that is taken as a security deposit.

In addition, having this policy in place provides the actual unit owner and guest with the financial protection of an AM Best ‘A-  Rated’ insurance company.

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