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Peace of Mind for property manager, unit owner and guests.

Are you tired of worrying about guest-inflicted damage to your vacation rental property? POIPO Insurance may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Created for property managers and unit owners, POIPO Insurance provides up to $5,000 in coverage for accidental damage or theft caused by renters.

Unlike traditional security deposits or credit cards on file, POIPO Insurance is a true transfer of overall risk, providing renters with financial protection in case of accidental damage or theft during their stay. This means that any damage caused by the renter will not come out of their pocket, giving both the property owner and the renter peace of mind.

Using POIPO Insurance is simple and fully automated, with an online system available in all 50 states. All you have to do is register your property and assign renters, and they can easily fill out the form and pay for the coverage themselves.

By using POIPO Insurance, you can avoid problems with State Insurance Departments and/or Real Estate Commissioners, and rest easy knowing that you and your guests are financially protected by an AM Best ‘A- Rated’ insurance company.

Don’t let guest-inflicted damage or theft ruin your vacation rental experience. Consider using POIPO Insurance for a stress-free solution.

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