Renters insurance

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Renters insurance

What is renters insurance? If you are not in your property but renting, then you should consider a renters insurance policy. Your landlord has insured the property and their belongings, while your belongings are not covered. It can be said that this insurance is the same as homeowners insurance except that it does not cover the building itself.

What renters insurance covers

Renter’s insurance covers classic inconveniences to your belongings such as theft, water damage, fire, vandalism, injury to visitors, and storm.
The renter’s insurance also covers paying for living in another location. Let’s say in case there was a fire in your rented apartment. He won’t be able to live in it for a while until repairs are made.
This includes all your belongings except jewelry. You will need to take out a jewelry insurance policy for jewelry. 

How much is renters insurance

Renters insurance varies the most based on where you live and how much your belongings are worth, or how much coverage you get. But the average cost of renters insurance is about $15.

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