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What is the interruption rule?

The term “interruption rule” may refer to different concepts depending on the context.

Here are two possible interpretations:

  1. Insurance Interruption Rule:

    • In the context of insurance, especially business interruption insurance, there isn’t a specific “interruption rule.” Instead, the term might be used to describe the circumstances or events that trigger coverage under the insurance policy. These triggers could include events like natural disasters, fires, or other perils outlined in the policy.

  2. Legal Interruption Rule:

    • In a legal context, the “interruption rule” might refer to principles or rules applied to determine the time from which a legal time period or statute of limitations begins. For example, it could involve the starting point for calculating the time within which a legal action must be brought.

If you have a specific context or industry in mind, providing additional details would help in providing a more accurate and targeted explanation.