Does running red light affect insurance?

Yes, running a red light can affect your auto insurance in several ways:

  1. Traffic Violation: Running a red light is a traffic violation, and it may result in a ticket or citation from law enforcement. When you receive a traffic ticket, it typically goes on your driving record, which insurance companies can access.

  2. Increased Premiums: Insurance companies often consider traffic violations, including running red lights, as a sign of risky behavior and may increase your auto insurance premiums as a result. The amount of the increase can vary depending on your insurance company and the severity of the violation.

  3. Potential for Policy Cancellation: Repeated traffic violations, including running red lights, may lead your insurance company to view you as a high-risk driver. In some cases, they may choose not to renew your policy, which can result in the need to find coverage with another insurer, often at a higher cost.

  4. Loss of Good Driver Discounts: If you were previously eligible for good driver discounts, a red light violation could disqualify you from such discounts, leading to higher insurance rates.

  5. Impact on Your Driving Record: Running a red light can accumulate points on your driving record, depending on the jurisdiction and severity of the violation. An accumulation of points can lead to more substantial insurance rate increases.

  6. Possible Legal Consequences: In addition to insurance-related consequences, running a red light may result in legal consequences, including fines and potential court appearances.

It’s important to note that the impact on your insurance can vary depending on your location, your insurance company, and your driving history. To minimize the effects of running a red light on your insurance, it’s a good idea to drive safely, obey traffic laws, and consider attending traffic school if it’s an option in your area to potentially reduce the impact on your driving record. Additionally, discussing the situation with your insurance provider can provide you with a better understanding of how a specific violation may affect your policy.

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