How to avoid insurance increase after accident

How to avoid insurance increase after accident?

You cannot avoid increasing your policy after a car accident. But there are several things you can do to reduce the increase.

The increase depends on several factors. Which insurance company are you with and how much damage was caused.

In most cases, your policy will not increase if you are not responsible for the accident. Because the costs are not deducted from your policy.
But you can count on an average increase of about 40%.
Also take into account that we are talking about one damage within 3-5 years.

How long does an accident stay on your record?

Insurance companies mainly look at the last three years. With some, it is possible for this time to be up to 5 years.

What to do?

1. Talk to your insurance company about the possibilities you have with them. There are many options to meet you.
2. Request a policy from another insurance company. Best with a broker that has several carriers available.
3. Reduce your coverage. Consider this as a last resort. You never know what can happen the next day. You could find yourself in bigger trouble than increasing this policy.
4. Take advantage of other discounts. There are many options for how we can save you money. By combining policies, various discounts offered… We work with more than 100 carriers. We will probably be able to arrange something for you. Fill out the form below and explain the situation.
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How to avoid insurance increase after accident

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