Mobile home insurance

Mobile home insurance

Typical mobile home policies offer two types of coverage: personal liability and physical damage. You will find shopping for your insurance policy and shopping for a mobile home quite similar. Both need to fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

You can get Personal liability and physical damage insurance for all kinds of mobile homes:

  • Rented Mobile Homes

  • Commercial Mobile Homes

  • Seasonal-Use Mobile Homes

  • Mobile Homes Parked on Private Property

If you currently carry homeowners or auto insurance, your agent can contact your insurer to find out if you’re eligible for any discounts.

Physical Damage

Physical damage protections cover accidental damage to your mobile home and belongings; it also covers structures like attached decks and patios, sheds, and garages. Physical damage policies typically cover damage from fires, windstorms, hailstorms, thefts, vandalism, and falling objects. Coverage amounts and degrees of protection vary, depending on your policy; be sure to shop around and carefully compare policies.

Named peril policies cover only specific types of losses. The basic coverages and low premiums of these policies may feel like a good deal. However, you could lose hundreds of dollars when making a claim if your mobile home was damaged by a peril not named in your policy.

Typically, your policy’s protections don’t apply when you’re transporting your mobile home. Just as with most homeowners insurance policies, most mobile home plans don’t cover flood damages.

Personal Liability Coverage

Property damage is only one hazard in today’s world. You need liability insurance protection against lawsuits or claims if a person is hurt because of your actions (or if you damage their property). These claims may include lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. The amount of liability coverage you get from a standard mobile home policy may be minimal; consider getting additional liability coverage. Remember – liability coverage doesn’t pay for you or your family if you’re injured; this protection is for others.

Some insurers do not provide mobile home coverage; availability also depends on the state in which you live. Talk to your independent insurance agent to find out what coverage you can get in your location.

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Mobile home insurance

Mobile home insurance

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