Commercial car insurance

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Commercial car insurance

Does the company own vehicles or work machines?
Then you should get
commercial car insurance. To insure your people and company on the road with a policy. The difference between Commercial Auto Insurance and Personal Auto Insurance is that Commercial Auto Insurance covers far more things. Such as, for example, loading and unloading, business equipment on vehicles, coverage of rented vehicles, greater exposure of property, loaded items on the vehicle or trailer… 

What else do I need to know about commercial auto insurance?

You can also count on commercial auto insurance if you drive a company vehicle for private purposes. The damages they cause do not affect the current policy but when you renew the policy. Personal belongings are not included in the insurance. If someone steals something from your vehicle or it is damaged in a traffic accident, you will not receive compensation. 

How can you reduce the risk of an accident?

It is certainly important to avoid accidents as much as possible. Because then there will be fewer insurance premiums. And more important than that is that someone does not get injured or even die.


Be sure to make sure that you have built-in hands-free devices in the vehicles if you do not own the vehicle. No matter how responsible an employee is, it can easily happen that he sometimes uses a mobile device while driving. And then traffic accidents happen.
Make sure that the vehicles are correct and in good condition. As well as the tires on the wheels.


Emphasize the importance of safe driving first for yourself and then for others. Safe driving greatly affects the amount and severity of an accident.

Commercial car insurance cost

The average price is about $200 per month

commercial car insurance

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