Babysitter Driving Insurance: How to Ensure Safety and Protection

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Babysitter Driving Insurance: Ensuring Proper Coverage

When hiring a babysitter who will drive your children, it’s essential to understand the insurance implications based on whether they drive your car or their own. Proper insurance coverage is crucial for protecting your children, the babysitter, and yourself. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate these considerations.

Babysitter Drives Your Car

1. Register the Babysitter on Your Insurance Policy

  • Permissive User: If the babysitter drives your car less than 12 hours a year, register them as a “permissive user.” This allows occasional use without fully adding them to the policy.
  • Regular User: If the babysitter drives your car more than 12 hours a year, register them as a regular user. This ensures full coverage and reflects their frequent use of your vehicle.

Benefits of Registering the Babysitter on Your Policy

  • Vehicle Condition: You have confidence that the car is safe and well-maintained.
  • Background Check: Insurance companies often check the driver’s background, ensuring you know who is driving your children.
  • Cost Efficiency: Registering the babysitter can prevent higher costs associated with having an uninsured driver use your vehicle.

Insurance Coverage: Auto insurance is typically tied to the vehicle, not the driver. If an accident occurs while the babysitter drives your car, your insurance will likely be the primary coverage.

Babysitter Drives Their Own Car

1. Ensure the Babysitter’s Car is Safe and Reliable

  • Confirm that the babysitter’s vehicle is in good working condition and meets safety standards.

2. Check the Babysitter’s Driving Record

  • Review their driving history for any violations or accidents to assess their driving reliability.

3. Review the Babysitter’s Insurance Policy

  • Coverage Amounts: Verify that their policy covers sufficient liability limits, especially for passengers.
  • Policy Details: Ensure their insurance includes adequate coverage for injuries to your child and property damage.

Documentation: The babysitter should document their work and driving activities to avoid complications. This is important because:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Regular use of their vehicle for work might require a commercial auto insurance policy. Personal policies may not cover work-related incidents, including injuries to your child.


Whether the babysitter drives your car or their own, addressing insurance matters upfront is vital to protect everyone involved. For those using their own car, confirm their vehicle’s safety, check their driving record, and review their insurance coverage. For those driving your car, register them appropriately on your insurance policy to ensure proper coverage. By taking these steps, you can safeguard your children, the babysitter, and your financial well-being.

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