Babysitter driving insurance

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Babysitter driving insurance

Two things are important for babysitter driving insurance. Does the babysitter drive your car or her own? It is certainly important to consider all options in order to avoid serious problems, because after all, it is about children.

Babysitter drives your car

This is the best option. Because you are so sure that the car is in good condition and that everything is in order. You must register the babysitter on your insurance policy in two different options. If she drives your car less than 12 hours a year, then you register her as a “permissive user”. If she drives for more than 12 hours, then you register her as a car user.

Another benefit of this is that the babysitter while you apply for your auto insurance, the insurance company checks the driver’s background. That’s how you know who you’re putting your children in the car with. And people who are bad drivers or do problems cause more expensive insurance policies.

Can a nanny use her own car insurance while driving your car?

Auto insurance is tied to the car, not the driver. So the answer is NO. 

The babysitter drives her car

Here you have to make sure that the person is driving a safe and correct car. And you need to know what the driver’s past is in terms of violations. The next thing you need to know is how much that insurance policy covers. Are passengers in the car covered and how much? You should check things like this every year.
It is certainly necessary for the nanny to write exactly what she does and how much she does. Because there is a possibility that he has to take commercial auto insurance. Because there is again a risk that the insurance will not cover the costs of possible injuries to the child. 

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Babysitter driving insurance

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