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Day Care Insurance: Protect Your Business and Reputation

Day care insurance is essential for child care providers to protect their businesses and reputation. Improperly selected insurance can lead to the closure of the entire business. At our company, we offer the best prices on the market with certain benefits. Leave the insurance to us, and you worry about carefree business.

Regardless of whether you babysit at home or own a kindergarten, children are more prone to injuries than adults. Parents are sensitive to mistakes when it comes to their children. Day care insurance covers licensed child care centers, nursery schools, Montessori schools, kindergartens, preschools, before-school and after-school programs.

We offer the following types of insurance coverage for your child care business:

  1. General liability insurance to protect against medical and legal expenses
  2. Professional liability insurance to protect against financial loss, bad behavior, negligence, and poor service
  3. Liability insurance for abuse to protect against sexual, physical, and psychological harassment and misconduct
  4. Commercial car insurance to protect your people and company on the road with a policy
  5. Legal helpline to cover legal costs that may arise

We work with almost a hundred insurance companies to provide the best coverage for the best price. Our special program allows you to get the most for your money. The price varies depending on your business’s claim history, number of employees, licensing and credentials, services provided, training and experience, and annual and projected income.

Protect your child care business and reputation with day care insurance. Contact us today for a quote.

Daycare insurance cost

Although we can provide the best coverage for the best price because we work with almost a hundred insurance companies and can find the best solution for you. Our special program allows you to get the most for your money. As we approach each one individually, the price varies from kindergarten to kindergarten depending on your possibilities and needs.


Claim history
Number of employees
Licensing and credentials
Services provided
Training and experience
Annual and projected income


RELATED PROGRAM - Insurance for in-home child care

Kindergarten at home is not covered by the business policy. This means that in the event of an accident, you endanger both your business and your property. Home daycare insurance policies are cheaper than daycare insurance policies. Be sure to tell us if it is a kindergarten at home in your inquiry.

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Day care insurance

Day care insurance

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