Day care insurance

We know that day care insurance is a bit more complicated than ordinary business insurance. As we provide a large number of Child Care jobs. So we are familiar with the problems you face. Improperly selected insurance for this type of work can contribute to the closure of the entire business. That is why it is important to be insured properly and on time.

For this very reason, find the best prices on the market with certain benefits. Leave the insurance to us, and you worry about carefree business.

Regardless of whether you babysit at home or own a kindergarten. The problem remains that children are more prone to injuries than adults. And we have to admit that parents are more sensitive to mistakes when it comes to their children.

So we know that you are facing the problem of parents and injuries to children.
Mistakes and injuries are normal. It doesn’t have to be your fault to get into trouble because of the nature of this business. 

Protecting your future

Whatever your needs, give us a call, have you been told you can’t insure your risk, been turned down, or simply unhappy with your current insurance? Since 1995 we’ve been providing coverage to our customers, and helping people across United States. 

What is daycare insurance?

Whether you run a home daycare or a commercial daycare, you need a set of policies to protect your business and your reputation.

This means:
Commercial General Liability Insurance to protect you from medical and legal expenses. There is little chance that you will cause damage to other people’s property. If a child is injured in your kindergarten, then you are covered for the costs of treatment and the costs of possible lawsuits by the parents due to that injury, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. Basically, with this insurance, you have insured yourself and your employees, that is, your business against liability towards third parties. In this case, the user of your services.

Professional liability insurance
You yourself know that some parents know your business better than you, even though they have never run this business and do not know much about it. For this reason, they can easily accuse you of financial loss, bad behavior, negligence, poor service. You are not to blame in these situations, because users understand what you do and offer differently from the way things are. Above all, it is not excluded that you or one of your employees actually makes an omission or mistake.

Liability insurance for abuse
Due to the nature of your business, someone can easily decide to accuse you of sexual, physical or psychological harassment as well as misconduct. Therefore, it is a good option to have this type of coverage as well.

Legal Helpline
We are all well aware of the high prices of lawyers. The situations you may find yourself in can be far worse than anticipated. With this insurance, you cover skype costs that could happen to you.

Daycare insurance cost

Although we can provide the best coverage for the best price because we work with almost a hundred insurance companies and can find the best solution for you. Our special program allows you to get the most for your money. As we approach each one individually, the price varies from kindergarten to kindergarten depending on your possibilities and needs.


Claim history
Number of employees
Licensing and credentials
Services provided
Training and experience
Annual and projected income


Feel free to contact us and protect your business in the best way.

Day care insurance

Day care insurance

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