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Cleaning Business

General liability insurance is crucial for a cleaning business as it provides financial protection against various risks and potential liabilities.

Here’s an overview of what this insurance covers and why it’s essential for a cleaning business:

Coverage provided by General Liability Insurance for a cleaning business:

  1. Bodily Injury: If a client, employee, or third party is injured on your business premises or as a result of your cleaning services, this insurance can cover medical expenses, legal fees, and settlements if you’re found responsible.

  2. Property Damage: It covers damage to third-party property caused by your cleaning operations. For instance, if you accidentally damage a client’s valuable item during a cleaning job, this insurance can help cover the repair or replacement costs.

  3. Advertising Injury: This coverage protects your business from claims of slander, libel, copyright infringement, or false advertising in your marketing materials. If your advertising efforts lead to legal issues, General Liability Insurance can provide coverage for legal expenses and damages.

  4. Completed Operations: It protects your business from claims that arise after you’ve completed a cleaning job. This is important because damage or issues might not become apparent immediately.

  5. Medical Payments: If someone sustains minor injuries on your business premises or due to your cleaning services, this coverage can pay for their medical bills without requiring them to sue your business.


Why General Liability Insurance is essential for a cleaning business:

  1. Legal Protection: Cleaning businesses face potential risks such as slip-and-fall accidents, property damage, or accidental damage to client possessions. Without insurance, you could be exposed to costly lawsuits, legal expenses, and damage awards.

  2. Client Confidence: Many clients, especially commercial clients and property management companies, require cleaning businesses to have General Liability Insurance as a condition of hiring. It demonstrates professionalism and financial responsibility.

  3. Credibility: Having insurance enhances your cleaning business’s credibility and reliability. Clients are more likely to trust and hire a cleaning company with insurance coverage.


Cost of General Liability Insurance for a cleaning business:

The cost of General Liability Insurance for a cleaning business varies based on several factors, including the size of your business, the scope of your operations, your location, the coverage limits you choose, your claims history, and more. On average, cleaning businesses in the United States might pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more per year for this insurance.

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What is general liability insurance?

First of all, we must emphasize that many call general liability insurance by various names such as business liability insurance, commercial general liability insurance, insurance business liability… But it is one and the same thing.

In short, it is business liability insurance. They protect your company if you cause property damage or bodily injury to someone. For example, your company injures a person, then you have to pay for that person’s treatment and possible legal claims. Which easily comes to $1000.00. Without this insurance, you pay for it out of your own pocket, which can easily destroy your company and put you in debt.

General liability insurance coverage

General liability insurance provides coverage for a variety of risks that businesses may face. It is designed to protect businesses from financial losses arising from third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury.


This coverage typically includes:

  1. Bodily Injury: If a customer or visitor is injured on your premises or due to your business operations, general liability insurance can cover their medical expenses, legal fees, and any settlements or judgments resulting from the injury.

  2. Property Damage: Accidental damage to someone else’s property caused by your business operations or employees can be covered by general liability insurance. This includes repairs or replacement costs for the damaged property.

  3. Personal Injury: General liability insurance can protect your business against claims of defamation, libel, slander, or invasion of privacy. It covers legal expenses and any damages awarded to the injured party.

  4. Advertising Injury: This coverage protects businesses against claims of copyright infringement, misleading advertising, or defamation arising from their advertising activities. It can cover legal defense costs and any resulting settlements or judgments.

What Does General Liability Insurance Not Cover?

General Liability Insurance provides important coverage for businesses, but it doesn’t cover every potential risk or situation.

Here are some common exclusions and scenarios that are typically not covered by General Liability Insurance:

  1. Professional Errors: General Liability Insurance does not cover errors or mistakes related to professional services. For this, you would need Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions Insurance).

  2. Employee Injuries: Injuries to your employees are typically covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance, not General Liability Insurance. Workers’ Compensation is a separate policy that provides benefits to employees injured on the job.

  3. Damage to Your Own Property: General Liability Insurance generally does not cover damage to your own property. If you want coverage for your business property, consider Commercial Property Insurance.

  4. Intentional Acts: Deliberate acts of harm or misconduct by you or your employees are not covered. General Liability Insurance is designed to cover accidents, not intentional wrongdoing.

  5. Employee Disputes: Employment-related claims, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment, are typically excluded. You’ll need Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for these situations.

  6. Professional Advice: Claims arising from professional advice or opinions you provide to clients are not covered. Professional Liability Insurance is needed for this purpose.

  7. Product Liability: If you manufacture, distribute, or sell products, General Liability Insurance may not cover product-related claims. Product Liability Insurance is designed for this purpose.

  8. Pollution: Environmental pollution or contamination is usually excluded. You would need Pollution Liability Insurance for coverage in these cases.

  9. Auto Accidents: General Liability Insurance doesn’t cover accidents involving vehicles. Commercial Auto Insurance is necessary for vehicles used in your business.

  10. Contractual Disputes: Disputes arising from the terms of a contract are generally not covered. Contractual Liability Insurance can be a separate coverage for such situations.

  11. Criminal Acts: Criminal activities or illegal acts committed by you or your employees are not covered.

  12. Employee Benefits: Claims related to employee benefits, like health insurance or retirement plans, are typically excluded.

It’s essential to carefully review your insurance policy and its terms and exclusions. Depending on your business’s nature and potential risks, you may need additional or specialized insurance coverage to adequately protect your business.

General liability insurance cost

The cost of General Liability Insurance can vary widely depending on several factors, including the nature of your business, your location, coverage limits, and other variables. On average, small businesses in the United States can expect to pay between $400 and $1,000 per year for General Liability Insurance. However, this is just a rough estimate, and your actual cost may differ significantly.

Here are some factors that influence the cost of General Liability Insurance:

  1. Business Type: The type of business you operate is a significant factor. High-risk industries, such as construction or healthcare, tend to have higher premiums than low-risk businesses, like consulting or retail.

  2. Location: Your business’s location matters because insurance rates can vary by state and even by city. Areas with higher rates of accidents or litigation may have higher insurance costs.

  3. Coverage Limits: The coverage limits you choose affect the cost. Higher coverage limits mean more protection but also higher premiums. Most policies offer coverage limits in the range of $1 million to $2 million.

  4. Deductibles: Your choice of deductible can impact your premium. A higher deductible typically results in a lower premium, but it also means you’ll pay more out of pocket if you need to make a claim.

  5. Business Size: The size of your business, including factors like revenue, payroll, and the number of employees, can influence the cost. Larger businesses typically pay higher premiums.

  6. Claims History: If your business has a history of claims or lawsuits, you may be considered a higher risk, which can lead to higher premiums.

  7. Industry-specific Factors: Some industries have unique insurance considerations that can affect pricing. For example, a restaurant may have different risks than a software development company, leading to different premium rates.

  8. Additional Coverage: If you need additional coverage beyond General Liability Insurance, such as Professional Liability or Cyber Liability Insurance, it will impact your overall insurance costs.

General liability insurance for cleaning business

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