Tools and equipment insurance

Tools and equipment insurance is insurance up to $10,000. It is intended to cover costs if the tool is damaged during use, stolen or vandalized.

The tool or work equipment must not be older than 5 years. And tool damage due to wear and tear is not covered.
If you own tools for which $10,000 will not be enough coverage. You should take inland marine insurance. 

Adding contractor’s equipment insurance to other policies

This way you can save money or increase your coverage. This type of policy can be added to your two other types of insurance, general liability insurance or business owner’s policy. This way the price is lower.

Tools and equipment insurance cost

Take this insurance considering the value of your tools. The maximum compensation under this policy is $10,000. For average coverage, count around $170 per year.

tools and equipment insurance

Tools and equipment insurance Quote

Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers or get better coverage.

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