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Can you exclude product liability?


Product liability insurance is essential for businesses that manufacture, distribute, or sell products, as it provides protection against claims of injury or damage caused by those products. However, some businesses might consider excluding product liability due to various reasons. Here’s an in-depth look at whether and how you can exclude product liability, along with the potential consequences:

Can You Exclude Product Liability?

  1. Business Decision: Technically, a business can choose not to purchase product liability insurance. This decision might be based on the perceived low risk of claims, cost considerations, or the belief that other types of insurance provide sufficient coverage.

  2. Policy Exclusions: Some general liability insurance policies might explicitly exclude product liability coverage. In such cases, businesses need to be aware that they are not covered for any claims related to product defects, failures, or harms caused by their products.

How to Exclude Product Liability

  1. Explicit Exclusion in Policies: When purchasing general liability insurance, businesses can work with their insurance provider to explicitly exclude product liability coverage. This can lower the premium costs, but it also removes a layer of protection.

  2. Self-Insurance: Some businesses might choose to self-insure against product liability risks. This means setting aside financial reserves to cover potential claims rather than transferring the risk to an insurance company.

  3. Risk Management Practices: Implementing stringent quality control and product safety measures can reduce the likelihood of product liability claims, though it does not eliminate the need for insurance.

Potential Consequences of Excluding Product Liability

  1. Financial Risk: Without product liability insurance, businesses are fully responsible for any costs associated with claims. This includes legal fees, settlements, and court-awarded damages, which can be substantial and potentially devastating to a business’s financial health.

  2. Reputation Damage: Handling product liability claims without insurance can strain a company’s resources and damage its reputation, especially if the company is unable to adequately compensate affected parties.

  3. Legal Compliance: Some industries or contractual agreements may require businesses to have product liability insurance. Not having this coverage could lead to legal issues or loss of business opportunities.

  4. Limited Market Access: Retailers, distributors, and other business partners may require proof of product liability insurance before agreeing to work with a manufacturer or supplier. Excluding this coverage can limit market access and business growth.

When Excluding Product Liability Might Be Considered

  1. Service-Based Businesses: Businesses that primarily provide services rather than physical products might see product liability as less relevant. However, if they offer any physical products, even incidentally, the risk remains.

  2. Low-Risk Products: Companies that produce low-risk products (e.g., non-consumable, non-mechanical items) might consider the risk of liability claims to be minimal. Even so, unexpected claims can still arise.

  3. Strong Risk Management: Companies with robust risk management, quality control, and safety protocols might feel confident in their ability to mitigate product liability risks without insurance.


While it is possible to exclude product liability from your insurance coverage, doing so comes with significant risks. Businesses must weigh the cost savings against the potential financial, legal, and reputational consequences. It is generally advisable to consult with an insurance professional to thoroughly understand the implications and explore alternative risk management strategies. Even with the best preventative measures, the unpredictable nature of product liability claims often makes insurance a prudent choice.


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