Product liability insurance

What Is Product Liability Insurance?

This is to insure you against your products. Someone may sue you because your product caused bodily injury or property damage. In the case of such a lawsuit. you have to pay the costs yourself even if it is determined that it is not your negligence. Because manufacturing errors are always possible or insufficiently explained handling of the product.

This includes possible product defects. Let’s say there was a malfunction in some electrical device that injured the customer. Then the insurance covers the costs of treatment and legal fees.

Protecting your future

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Who Uses Product Liability Insurance?

Everyone was involved in product trading. This will include manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and retailers.

What does product liability insurance cover?

Manufacturing defects in the production or design of the product, Poorly explained use of the product, and injuries or damage that the product can cause.

Product liability insurance cost

ou cannot find out the price until you request a quote for your products. Because the price depends on several factors. Such as:
Industry, claims history, location, and policy limits.

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance Quote

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