Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Whether you own a yoga studio or teach online, even outdoors, there is a possibility that someone could sue you for injuries they allegedly sustained as a result of your instructions. 

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Why You Need a Professional Liability Insurance

A professional liability insurance will cover your basic needs as a yoga teacher. This is also where the greatest risk lies for you as a person giving yoga advice or instructions.


The risks covered include misrepresentation, defamation, incorrect advice, misconduct and negligence.


In summary, professional liability insurance means coverage for:


  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Defense costs
  • Personal and advertising injuries


IMPORTANT! – Get Your Before and After Coverage


This insurance policy is somewhat different from the others. This is because you can be sued even after the insurance policy expires.


You may have offered advice to someone or provided a service that caused damage AFTER the policy expired.


This is why you can EXTEND this policy to cover you even after it expires to suit your coverage needs.

We can also extend the coverage for the period BEFORE the actual policy started.


Let’s say you forgot to take out this type of insurance, and you’ve been in business for a year –  this extension will offer protection retroactively for that period.

General Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Other mandatory insurance for yoga teachers is liability insurance or general liability insurance.


What does general liability insurance cover?



  • Third-party bodily injury: if a customer gets hurt inside your place of business
  • Third-party property damage: in case you (or your employees) work inside of your client’s house and cause damage
  • Reputational harm: in case of legal costs incurred as a result of libel or slander by your business
  • Advertising injury: in case of a lawsuit over copyright infringement by your business



Read more about General Liability Insurance here.


More things to consider as an owner of a Yoga teaching business:

  • Does your company own real estate?


If your business owns assets, you should also consider asset protection to protect your property against natural disasters, theft, and fire.


  • Does your company have employees?


You might need workers’ compensation insurance to cover you in the event a worker gets injured or ill on the job.


This insurance is required by most states because you must cover all work-related injuries and medical expenses

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